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Another fine mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into. This is the new episode of Media Hacks and features some great conversation and some coloured language (so, it’s not work safe). We discuss everything from buying ads on viral videos before they break big and how things spread (and how fast they go away). Do brands still need to worry about what people are saying about them online? Enjoy the conversation…

  • Running time: 51:59.
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  • Media Hacks #14 featuring:
  • C.C. ChapmanManaging The GrayAdvance Guard.
  • Hugh McGuireLibriVoxThe Book Oven.
  • Julien SmithIn Over Your Head – Co-author of Trust Agents.
  • MIA:
  • Chris BroganNew Marketing Labs - Co-author of Trust Agents.
  • Christopher S. PennThe Financial Aid PodcastMarketing Over Coffee.
  • This episode of Media Hacks is not work safe (there is language).
  • A discussion about potty mouth.
  • Why Robert Scoble no longer listens to Media Hacks.
  • United Breaks Guitars – moving beyond it… and beyond.
  • Buying ads when YouTube videos are just about to break big.
  • What is the length of a major customer service issue?
  • Twitter is many things: tool, technology, platform, communication and more.
  • Will we soon be outsourcing our Twitter communications?
  • Gigantic organizations and intimate conversations.
  • Hugh pretends (once again) that he doesn’t know who Ashton Kutcher is.
  • Technology and how it transforms us.
  • Businesses using Twitter to listen, innovate and fix things.
  • Brand name dropping in Twitter.
  • Market norms and social norms (courtesy of Dan Ariely – author of Predictably Irrational).
  • Welcome to inside baseball.
  • Hugh wants to discuss the AmazonZappos deal.
  • Amazon Acquisitions and Investments.
  • Is Amazon becoming Wal-Mart.
  • It all ends with a very confusing game of audio linkbait chicken.
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network:
  • New Leaf – ‘Magic Carpet’.
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